Benefits of Growing Your Own Food: Introduction

Benefits of Growing Your Own Food: Introduction

More and more people are trying to grow their own food. People are discovering that having their own backyard garden provides a lot of benefits in terms of healthy living and savings.

It may seem difficult at the beginning, but a variety of resources are available to guide you and help you reap the benefits from this exciting trend.


Backyard gardening brings a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment since you have a direct hand in the food you eat. The psychic benefit is just one of the many real advantages of having your own backyard garden.

Among the immediate benefits is saving less money for groceries. Rather than buying produce from the local store, you simply need to get what you need from your garden. You only need to invest a bit on a few seeds and gardening tools at the start and make sure to care for your garden. Afterwards, you won’t need to buy fruits and vegetables from the grocery anymore.

You will also have safer, fresher and better tasting produce with your own garden than what’s available at your local store. Most produce sold at stores are from industrial farms that use all sorts of chemicals and fertilizers. With your own garden you have more control on what goes into growing your food.

You are also guaranteed to have fresher food since you only pick the food when those are ready to use, which make these better-tasting as well. Farming can also improve your lifestyle by adding physical exertion in tending to your garden to your regular routine. Aside from being exposed to smell fresh air and sunshine  you also regularly have to check on your crops to ensure they are healthy.

A backyard garden also allows you to contribute to sustainability.  Not only will you help lessen the need for pesticides or any other harmful chemicals  you can also help cut food waste because you only get what you need to use. Excess crops may also be put to good use as compost that can be reused in your garden.


It is undeniable that you can benefit a lot from growing your own food. Gardening is not a complicated thing; it can be easy and is very basic. You just have to be dedicated and determined in order to achieve the goal that you want.

There are many websites and blog sites where you can read some tips and techniques on growing your own food and some also have suggestions on what kind of crop you can plant in your backyard. Everything is just a matter of choice, if you want to have food security for your family, it is highly suggested that you grow your own food.


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